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  Bike safety information          



Riding a scooter or motorcycle can be dangerous; but there much you can do to minimise risk and improve your safety. Take a look at the following information and recommendations:

Get training
Take your CBT as soon as possible, even if you don't have to and go for your full licence. Nothing will beat expert advice from professionals

  Think about the road and traffic
Be alert at all times and do not allow yourself to become distracted.
Get your priorities right
When getting home or to work 2 minutes earlier is not worth risking your life for. Remember that you are already saving hours per week over the miserable people in cars and on public transport so don't hurry.

Ride at a safe pace and distance from other road users
Ride only at a safe speed and consider how much road you need to brake, you will need more road if it is wet. Don't allow other bikers dictate your speed. If another bike wishes to overtake then let it by.
Never drink and ride
Alcohol and riding scooters and motorbikes simply should never be mixed.
Safety equipment - be seen - be heard
Safety helmets should be worn at all times whilst riding. High visibility accessories are recommended. Use your horn to get noticed, that's is what it is for.

Undertaking is dangerous

Going up the inside of cars is a very bad mistake. You are invisible and cars will turn left across you, parked cars will fling open doors and pedestrians will step out without looking. Undertaking is a quick way to become involved in an accident.

Dominate your lane, don't ride in the gutter

Even if you're on a 50cc doing 30 mph, avoid riding in the gutter. You've got as much right to use the road as everyone else. The gutter is usually wet and full of leaves and twigs and other rubbish, if you ride there than that's where you'll stay. Dominating your lane means riding in the middle of it, or perhaps slightly to the right of the centre.